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Advanced texture analyzer AACC 74 AOAC food drug analytical instrument

Advanced texture analyzer AACC 74 AOAC food drug analytical instrument

    • Advanced texture analyzer AACC 74 AOAC food drug analytical instrument
    • Advanced texture analyzer AACC 74 AOAC food drug analytical instrument
  • Advanced texture analyzer AACC 74 AOAC food drug analytical instrument

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: SRI
    Certification: ISO 9001:2000
    Model Number: FX-TA

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: 8000-25000USD/set
    Packaging Details: Standard exporting package
    Delivery Time: 5-10 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL
    Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
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    Detailed Product Description
    Function: Texture Analysis Category: Food & Drug Test
    Standards: AACC 74 AOAC Software: Yes

     Standards & regulations

    Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition

    Comply with current Chinese GMP regulations

    National Standard "Food Additive Gelatin" GB6783-2013

    National Standard "Medicinal Gelatin Hard Capsule" GB13731

    National Standard "Food Additive Gelatin Kederan Gum" GB28304-2012

    National Standard "Frozen Surimi" GB/T36187-2018

    Light Industry Standard "Edible Gelatin" QB/T4087-2010

    Agricultural industry standard "Determination of meat tenderness and shear force determination method" NY/T1180-2006

    AACC 74-09 Bread Hardness Test (American Cereal Chemistry Association)

    AOAC (American and European Gel Association)



    2.1 It’s a research-type texture analyzer with powerful functions, high measurement accuracy, stable and reliable performance

    2.3 The force sensor can be replaced quickly and safely. Through the replacement of the force sensing element, the detection range can be changed, and the sensing analysis can be changed at the same time to adapt to different sample analysis.

    2.4 It is connected to the computer for control and equipped with powerful analysis software to realize fast, precise and accurate physical property measurement.

    2.5 Equipped with complete set of special fixtures and accessories, which can meet the various needs of users.

    2.6 Acquisition system with excellent texture performance has 4 simultaneous channels, 24bit resolution, and a single channel sampling rate of up to 102.4KS/s, ensuring that samples can be captured in real time and accurately during texture measurement. Any changes that occur during the test, avoid missed or misjudged, top-level scientific research measurement accuracy.


    Applications & Functions

    3.1 Foods: noodle products, rice products, aquatic products, baked foods, grain and oil foods, cereals, fruits and vegetables, gelatin, candy, dairy products, meat products, snack foods, pet foods.

    3.2 Biopharmaceuticals: tablets, capsules, sugar coatings, films, bio-adhesives, alginate gel beads, Chinese medicinal materials, proprietary Chinese medicines, pastes, pastes, bead burst test, needle penetration test, injection needle quality test, Medical tapes, inhalers, biological materials, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.

    3.3 Chemicals: cosmetics, chemical materials.

    3.4 Materials: packaging materials, films, gel films, sheets, medical materials, etc.

    3.5 Test functions: hardness test, strength test, biomechanical test, elasticity test, tenderness test, freshness test, peel test, creep characteristic test, relaxation characteristic test, compression test, tensile test, full texture test, etc. .

    3.6 Test index: hardness, brittleness, tenderness, adhesion, elasticity, toughness, cohesion, chewiness, ductility, recovery, firmness, tensile strength, rupture strength, shear strength, freezing strength, etc.


    4.1 Load range: 0~25Kg (0~250N) (optional: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 Kg and other specifications)

    4.2 Load Force resolution: 0.0001g

    4.3 Displacement range: 410mm

    4.4 Displacement resolution accuracy: 0.0001mm

    4.5 Full-scale positioning accuracy: 0.001mm ensures precise detection of subtle changes in sample shape, reaching the research level

    4.6 Detection rate: 0.001~80mm/s

    4.7 Data acquisition rate: up to 102.4KS/s, four-channel simultaneous reading. Sampling rate optional: 200, 500, 2000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 30000 groups/sec

    4.8 Accessories, fixtures, probes: more than 100 kinds of conventional general options are available. It can also be customized according to user needs

    4.9 Dimensions: Length 480×330×875mm

    4.10 Weight: 32Kg


    Software functions & features

    5.1 Provides hierarchical authority management: three levels, multiple users (user name + password login).

    5.2 Automatically completes the audit trail record: the system database automatically protects all traceable measurement results and processes.

    5.3 Protection functions: emergency braking, upper and lower limit control, overload protection of the force sensor unit, and detection data encryption.

    5.4 With functions of self-calibration, self-measurement, self-correction and self-repair

    5.5 Equipped with a high-definition camera, which can record the whole process of the test of important samples, and save it in a traceable database together with other test data.

    5.6 Test playback: The software automatically records the whole process of sample testing (including synchronous video recording), and provides intelligent retrieval functions with multiple conditions. Tests in any period can be traced, and data restoration, curve drawing and synchronized video playback can be performed to observe and analyze the test details of the samples.

    5.7 Can display three curves of power-time, power-distance, and distance-time. The curve contains a ruler, which can be freely zoomed in or out of the graph, or automatically adjusted by the system, can mark key data points, and can automatically calculate the area of ​​the selected plot.

    5.8 Comprehensive test mode program editing functions: run, preset, repeat, loop, clear, zero calibration, assignment, variable, formula, calculation, playback, comparison, annotation, etc. Through the editing of these functions, users can customize the detection mode and build various test models.

    5.9 Test results can be directly exported to various file formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc., and operations such as drawing, saving, comparing, and generating professional reports can be performed.

    5.10 Friendly operation interface: menu bar, tool bar, status bar, display bar, curve frame, video frame, experiment process are clear, and the operation buttons are convenient and quick. Chinese and English display version one-key switch.


    Test functions

    6.1 Full texture test

    6.2 Tensile test

    6.3 Bend test

    6.4 Shear test

    6.5 Puncture test

    6.6 Gel strength test

    6.7 Surimi gel test

    6.8 Carrageenan test

    6.9 Can Tran Glue Test

    6.10 Meat tenderness test

    6.11 Single compression test

    6.12 Cycle test

    6.13 Relaxation performance test

    6.14 Creep performance test

    6.15 Custom test

    6.16 Verification of measurement accuracy of the instrument itself



    Ordering information

    Parameter FX-TA-10H FX-TA-10HD FX-TA-25H PRO
    Load Measure range 10Kg (1,2,5,10,20,50Kg optional) 10Kg (1,2,5,10,20, optional) 25kg (0~250N) (Optional: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 Kg, etc. specifications)
    Load resolution 0.001g 0.0001g
    Displacement range 0~310mm 0~410mm
    Displacement readout 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.0001mm
    Detection rate 0.01mm/s~30mm/s 0.01mm/s~40mm/s 0.001~80mm/s
    Data acquisition rate

    Up to 4800 groups per second, optional after optimized filtering (200sps, 500sps, 1500sps, 2000 sps)


    Up to 4800 groups per second; 200, 500, 1000, 2000 groups per second can be selected after optimal filtering Up to 102.4KS/s, four-channel simultaneous reading. Sampling rate optional: 200, 500, 2000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 30000 groups/sec
    Audit & track of data / / Yes
    User authority management / 3-level 3-level



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